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Our valeting services are finely tuned to cater to the unique needs of each vehicle, taking into account factors such as size and current state. We provide personalised packages to guarantee satisfaction for every client. From interior and exterior valets to maintenance details, we offer bespoke options tailored to individual preferences.

All of these services are carried out with precision in our newly constructed detailing bay at Smash Paintwork.

Paint correction

At Smash Paintwork, we specialise in paint correction services designed to restore your vehicle’s finish to its original brilliance.

Our meticulous process involves several stages aimed at eliminating surface defects from the clear coat, unveiling the true color beneath. On average, our paint correction achieves an impressive 70-80% reduction in surface imperfections.

We carefully select the ideal pad and compound combination for a safe yet highly effective cutting stage, always prioritising the preservation of paint depths.

As Paint specialises we have you covered.

Ceramic coating

At Smash Paintwork, we offer Ceramic coating, a cutting-edge nano compound that elevates the durability of your vehicle’s clear coat.

By filling in micron-level irregularities, it creates a smoother surface, enabling effortless cleaning while fortifying against UV rays, minor swirls, light scratches, marring, and chemical stains.

Additionally, it enhances the vehicle’s gloss, delivering a candy-like shine with exceptional hydrophobic properties.

We strive for “A Finish Above The Rest

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