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Smash Paintwork In Dubai

Nico, Owner and Head Technician at Smash Paintwork, recently took a trip to Dubai, seizing the opportunity to immerse himself in the automotive world.

During his stay, Nico couldn’t resist the allure of cars and reached out to Topaz Detailing. He was thrilled to receive an invitation for an exclusive tour of their facility.

Eager to explore, Nico delved into the world of Topaz Detailing in Dubai, where he had the privilege of witnessing their ongoing projects firsthand. Additionally, he was granted access to their top-floor storage facility, where he beheld a collection of some of the finest vehicles in the world. While respecting their privacy policy, Nico refrained from taking pictures but was left awestruck by the experience.

A big thank you to Topaz Detailing for having me. Check them out on insta @topazdxb


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